Client: Conférence Générale de la Jeunesse du Luxembourg


This is the image to promote the Annual Youth Convention, organized by NGO Conférence Générale de la Jeunesse du Luxembourg. In this meeting, teenagers are invited to think about a couple of themes that will shape their reality. It is an inclusive event in which different workshops take place: it celebrates diversity, equality and sustainability among others, and opens the possibility of imaging a better future. It is supported by the Luxemburg government and the European Union.


I decided to develop a series of illustrations that represented boldly the concepts of diversity, shaping/moulding, inclusiveness, equality and sustainability. Since it was an event to speak about the future, I thought it had to reflect optimism too. And since the target was youth, it also needed to be very dynamic.


This led to the SM Campaign, where the illustrations were combined with complementary colours and a type that helped reinforce the concept of change and diversity.